"SGCOC Scholarship"

 On January 10, 2010 the South Gate congregation set up a scholarship fund to help support South Gate Students in their pursuit of growing in wisdom and in favor with God and man just as our Lord Jesus Christ grew in favor with God and man.
This scholarship may be used for the purchase of books or school supplies the student may need after high school.

 Contact the Youth Office for more information on the scholarship. 
Scholarship Application

2011 Scholarship Recipient
Trent Thomason ($1,000)

2012 Scholarship Recipients
Lauren Belew ($1,000)
Chrystan Lyle ($1,000)

2013 Scholarship Recipient
Allie Lusk ($1,000)

2014 Scholarship Recipients
Samie Anderson ($500)
Baylie Farris ($500)
Rhett Heflin ($500)
Alexis Hurley ($500)
Drew Thornton ($500)

2015 Scholarship Recipients
Rachel Cross ($500)
Emily Thomason ($500)
Braxton Pace ($500)

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Morgan Belew ($500)
Meg Lusk ($500)
Maddi Lusk ($500)
Sam Quirk ($500)

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Shelby Anderson ($500)

Connor Arnett ($500)